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Last night i found Windows Speech Reconition on my cumputer and decided to try it out!
I staggered through the fucking boring as hell tutorial and checked the basic commands etc.
I even went through the "train your computer to understand you" program twice!
Tedious tasks, but maybe it was worth it.
I played around with it some more, trying to navigate my windows and some dictation.
It actually kind of works although the "correct" command was used alot and a breath into the microphone could sometimes spell out random words.
Now I will put this shit to the ultimate test!
Just now, a few seconds ago, I tought that i might aswell try to update my blog with this bit of text using the application.
Now my plan is to use this as a script just to have something to read while updating.
My english is somewhat crap and the program is kind of specific with pronunciation so
it gets somewhat easier that way.
I'll read it in one go without correcting anything, unless i mess up like an idiot.
Hopefully it will make some sort of sense. Just incase it does:
In the Christian Tradition, there's a particularly applicable rural brewery on the Marlboro reservoir.
So until next time.

Your future Professor S. Hawking, Professor G. Oatler.


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